Stay in contact with the people you meet Say 87% of users

Stay in contact with the people you meet Say 87% of users

People get your card in their inbox. This makes it easy to respond and keep the conversation going.

Recipients can import your details into their contacts. Now they can always reach out so you won’t miss any opportunities.

Say 92% of users Have the power to follow up

By sending business cards you get the other person’s email address. So you can contact them after meeting. You don’t even need their business card. You’re in control of following-up.

Say 74% of users

Always ready to meet people

Smart business cards are always in your pocket, don’t tear and never run out.

Say 70% of users

Environmentally friendly, modern & innovative

No trees and ink are wasted as smart business cards are paperless by nature.

Send your business card to anyone

Send your business card to anyone

Recipients don’t need to have the app. Just type your recipient’s email and send your smart business card.

Or hand over your phone
and let them do it.

business card

Companies can send smart business cards in corporate identity.

Eliminate the hassle of setting up business cards for every employee. With Clinck it's simple. Within the app employees input their details and request the corporate card with their email address. Now they're set for life!

What our customers say:

"Clinck has changed my business interactions. Given up on paper cards because with Clinck the response rate is much higher."
- Alex Shebar
Community Director at Yelp
“Clinck is very useful: I always have business cards at hand to easily connect with people. Business cards don't get lost anymore. And Clinck saves a lot of paper!”
-Wieke van der Zouwen,
Program Manager at Impact Hub Amsterdam
“Sending my business card also means getting the email address of the people I meet. Now I always follow up with them. And I can easily add relevant people to my newsletter."
-John Soyab,